Our Happy Tails!

Adopted a pet from us?

 We would love to see pictures of how they're doing in their new home with their new families! 

"The Dog adopted this cat from the shelter."

"We adopted Gilligan a couple of years ago, he was two. As you can see he settled in nicely He is a sweet lapdog with a stubborn streak, a real personality. Thanks for all the great work you do helping Yukon animals!"

"Widget (dog) and Burton (cat) are our Mae Bachur furries. Both adopted in 2012."

"Buddy aka Jingle when he was at the shelter almost two years ago. My big baby <3"

"Freya (Ginger) was adopted last year when she was 12 weeks old :) she's going to be  two in Feb and she's happy as can be <3"

"Kipper aka Rufus. Adopted December 2014. He's so friendly and smart. I love him so much."

"My little Milly <3"

"Had Jill for almost a month now, getting bigger every day :)"

"Adopted 2015 - my new knitting "helper"."

"Boots I adopted at around 6 months old in 2009, she's a Shih Tzu/Schnauzer... The sweetest, most loving dog ever. She acts and is treated like a baby!"

"Four (L) and six (R) years later, times are still pretty good for these Mae Bachur specials. I think we'll keep them."

"Adopted 2009 our wonderful old guy."

"Molly is fitting very well into the family and adjusted very well. Couldn't ask for a better dog."

"Moustachio has been part of our fuurever home since November 2013! He turns two in a couple weeks. We adopted him a brother last year as well, here's the two of them insisting they snuggle in one house <3"

"Peppermint (cat) adopted in January and Kiri (Vixen) adopted 2 and a half years ago."

"Here is Sara, adopted in May 2014. She's loving life in Ontario now!"

"This is snickers adopted as a puppy in 2013. I'd say he's pretty happy :)"

"Teddy who we adopted back in 2010ish, he was around 8 months when we adopted him, he's just a little poodle cross, VERY playful, fun and loyal. He's my little companion, I love my boy. <3 Here's a pic of his winter shag."

"This is Elvis. Adopted from Mae Bachur on January 8, 2006, when he was 16 months old. He turns 11 on September 8, 2015 and we can't imagine our lives without him."

"Adopted this little girl in March of 2012...couldn't be happier!"

"I adopted Mischief (Lilo) back in 2008. She's my happy little Miss."

"Java Bean, formerly Metric, adopted in June!"

"Widget (dog) and Burton (cat) are our Mae Bachur furries. Both adopted in 2012."

"We adopted Willow (Mystic) a few months ago. And then she adopted Kitty...."

"This is Nova. Formerly "Bell" adopted in February 2014 ♡ she loves running through the the bush off leash like a gazelle, chasing ground squirrels in the alpine, tennis balls , her puppy friends , swimming and chasing mountain bikes. But most of all.. cuddles."

"Chinook has been part of our lives now for 2.5 years. Awesome goofy dog and a great addition to our family."

"We adopted Mocha (Aria) in April. She loves to run, loves water and loves skinning her tennis balls!"

"Adopted Ranger Oct 2014. He was a birthday present for my 10 year old golden retriever. Today is his 1 year birthday!"

"Polar has filled a huge void in our lives, and his sense of humor had us laughing all the way from Whitehorse to Vancouver. We are so happy to have him in our lives."

"Marvin, Lacy, and Daisy. All 3 were from the humane society and are still super grateful for having a forever home."

"This is Max in his first agility trial! We adopted him a 9 months of age in fall of 2013, and he has been an awesome friend and companion!"

This Halloween marked our one year anniversary of adopting Stinker into our family. Now named Swearengen (for his sass and take-nothing-from-nobody attitude), he has settled in amazingly, and become a much loved addition to our little family. He always welcomes us home from work with a sweet meow, and never says no to getting his chin rubbed. He also makes it very clear how much he hates anybody singing or dancing while he is in the room by sending us a glare, and a swat if we don't take the hint. He's quite the character, and we love him very much. "

"Hunter is an older dog who joined us in the Fall of 2015.  He is such a loving, gentle soul - perfect with our 3 kids.  He is our first family dog and we feel lucky to have him!"

''We' ve got our dogs both from the shelter, Frostbite in 2003 and Jake aka Jack Jack last Friday. They both are wonderful dogs and we have only the best experience with shelter dogs''

``Checkers is doing great so far! He is amazing with the baby and getting along great with the cats``

``Dragon enjoying the view from the back of the sofa!``

"We adopted Beltza in October 2013, she is our very first dog. 

Very friendly and playful, she enjoys all seasons up here and does great with bears!"

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