About Us

The mission of Humane Society Yukon (HSY) has four core elements:

    • To foster a caring, compassionate atmosphere towards animals;
    • To prevent and suppress cruelty to animals;
    • To promote a humane ethic and responsible pet ownership; and
    • To operate one or more animal shelters.
HSY was founded in 1987 as a direct result of a local Yukon outfitter allowing his horses to starve to death. The organization originally consisted of nothing more than a fenced-in dog area on Andrea and Florian Lemphers’s rural acreage and a second telephone line in their home. In 1989, Humane Society Yukon was officially registered as a non-profit society in the Yukon.

Today, the Society’s Board of Directors focuses on animal welfare education initiatives throughout the territory, as well as the operation of the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter in Whitehorse.

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