Meet Arie! 


**Arie has been trial-adopted!!**


She is a 3yr-old spayed female Rottweiler Lab mix! 


Arie is a sweetheart, she loves attention and pets, and will demand it once someone offers her any! She is a smart pup and knows "sit" (with an outward raised fist), "lay down- all the way", "roll over", "back up", "go outside", "go to bed", "get down", "come".  She loves running but does not fare very well on a leash right now.  She is a puller. She used to pull children on a kick sled! With a bit of consistency and attention, she is easily trainable. She can be wary of new people and may need some time to warm up. Arie would do really well on a large property where she could roam freely. She would do great in an active home with children, and with proper introduction, another dog or cat.


If you are interested in meeting Arie please fill out an online application below.

If you already have a pre-approved application with us within the last year and a half, call 633-6019 to put your application towards her.

Note: Please submit only 1 application, noting your 1st choice; if you already have a pre-approved application you do not need to submit another. Submitting multiple applications slows down the processing of all applications.



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