The Bear


Meet The Bear!


He is a 12-week-old Husky Corgi Mix.


The Bear is a little pup with a big personality! Despite being smaller than most of his littermates, he still thinks he can run the show! Even though his legs are on the shorter side, that doesn't mean he won’t benefit from daily exercise like walks and even hikes. The Bear isn’t housebroken yet, but he's a fast learner, so with the right training routine, he’ll be on the road to becoming the best boy he can be! He would do well in a household with children, and with proper introduction another dog or cat.


If you are interested in adopting The Bear please fill out an online application below. 

If you already have a pre-approved application with us within the last year and a half, call 633-6019 to put your application towards him.

Note: Please submit only 1 application, noting your 1st choice; if you already have a pre-approved application you do not need to submit another. Submitting multiple applications slows down the processing of all applications.




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12 Weeks