Blizzie (Pharaoh)



***Blizzie is in a Foster home. If you're interested in meeting him, please call us and we can make an appointment***


Meet Blizzie! He’s a 7-month-old Husky cross.


Blizzie is named after a blizzard because he’s a light blond. He’s a very handsome boy and is the absolute sweetest dog. If you call him and start to get him excited he gets a whole-body wiggle because he’s just so happy to see you. He’s a very active dog and we think having him in an active household would be best. He seems okay with other dogs, with proper introductions. He’s not food aggressive so far as we’ve seen, and he is treat-motivated. He just recently got neutered, and his cone is his sworn mortal enemy.

If you are interested in adopting Blizzie, please fill out an online application below.

If you already have a pre-approved application, within the last year and a half, call (867) 633-6019

Note: Please submit only 1 application, noting your first choice. If you already have an application submitted, please do not submit another as it slows down the processing of applications



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7 months