Hei Hei


Meet Hei Hei!! She’s a 1-year-old Mixed-breed dog.


Hei Hei was named after the chicken from Moana. She’s a bit nervous, but overall, she’s sweet. She likes treats so training may be easier. She likes to be petted and given scritches, and she’ll cuddle up with you when you do. We don’t know how she is with other dogs at the moment, as she’s not been here long, and we haven’t seen her full personality. We think she’d be okay with other dogs with a proper introduction.


If you are interested in adopting Hei Hei, please fill out an online application below.

If you already have a pre-approved application, within the last year and a half, call (867) 633-6019

Note: Please submit only 1 application, noting your first choice. If you already have an application submitted, please do not submit another as it slows down the processing of applications



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