Herb Litter


Meet the Herb Litter! 2 females and 1 male that are 9 weeks old. 


Sage, Rue, and Nootka make up our herb litter. They're energetic and full of love, they enjoy attention in any form they can get, and are very food motivated. They've got a good potential for training. Taking them with you on adventures would wear them out nicely, but they would enjoy every minute of it. 


Our herb litter is at Wild Adventure Yukon, and if you're interested in them you can fill out paperwork at the shelter or at the Wild Adventure Yukon facility. 

If you already have a pre-approved application, within the last year and a half, call (867) 633-6019

Note: Please submit only 1 application, noting your first choice. If you already have an application submitted, please do not submit another as it slows down the processing of applications.



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9 weeks