Meet Wilson! He’s a 4-month-old Canadian Inuit dog cross.


This overgrown baby is full of beans and has plenty of potential to become a great family dog! He has a thick puppy coat that will no doubt get thicker as he ages, making him ideal for outdoor exercise and playtime. His coat type will come with plenty of shedding, but regular brushing will help keep it controlled. We’re expecting him to grow big and fast, so that should be at the front of your mind when considering this boy as a new buddy! We think with time and proper introduction he could thrive in a home with other dogs. He is very food motivated, which will aid in any type of training he is exposed to.


If you are interested in adopting Wilson, please fill out an online application below.



If you already have a pre-approved application, within the last year and a half, call (867) 633-6019


Note: Please submit only 1 application, noting your first choice. If you already have an application submitted, please do not submit another as it slows down the processing of applications.


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