Pet Boarding

We’ve had quite a few calls this year for general pet boarding services. You asked and we’re ready to help! Beginning on Saturday, July 2, we will start offering the following:

Doggy / Kitty Day Care

  • Drop your pet with us in the morning and pick them up in the evening.
  • We have varying space availability due to our animals currently in care, but give us a call to check on our ability to house your pet.
  • We’ll feed them and make sure dogs have yard time, socializing and loving care from our kennel staff.
  • Cats will have their own kennels, daily roaming time and cuddles.

Long term Boarding

  • Two-week maximum full board of your pets is also available.
  • Right now we have emergency boarding services, but we’re going to help you out with your general needs for a space if you’re travelling or moving or need a place to house your companions for a variety of reasons.

Both services are $40 per calendar day which includes feeding, exercise, boarding kennel, bedding, toys, general grooming and tender loving care. For daycare, call the day before for space availability. For general boarding, call a week ahead to book as space is at a premium and prioritized for HSY animals. 

All animals must have proof of vaccinations up to date and certified healthy with no communicable disease. Please note:We are unable to board dogs that have dog or people aggression issues for the safety and well-being of our staff and the animals in our care. Call us for details.