Funky Stumpy


Hi, I’m Funky Stumpy! I’m a 2 year old male mixed breed. 


Despite how I look in pictures, I’m a pretty small little guy! I’m an excitable dog, I love all people and any kind of attention they give me. I love to play with balls and play fetch. I like to bring a ball with me everywhere I go. I’m a bit of a chunky guy, my future family will need to help me manage my weight better so there’s less pressure on my little legs. 


Likes: ball, pets, cuddles

Dislikes: seeing dogs through the fence

Cats: yes

Dogs: yes but proper introductions needed. I think I’m a tough guy through the fence!

Kids: yes

Potty trained: mostly, sometimes I have accidents if you aren’t diligent!


My adoption fee would be $450. 


When adopting, the fee you pay gets you an animal that is vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and spayed or neutered. If they are not of age to have been spayed or neutered, a purchase order is sent to the vet that covers a large portion of their surgery. 


If you’re interested in adopting this animal please stop by or call the shelter at (867) 633-6019. At that point, we can fill out our questionnaire and we can talk about adoption!


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2 years old