Hi, I’m Pastrami! I’m a 3 year old domestic short hair female. 


I’m a quiet girl who likes to observe you from above. My favourite thing to do in the cat room is sit on top of the kennels or sit up high in the cat tree and gaze out the window. I need you to approach me gently and let me give your hands a good sniff before you pet me. I’ve warmed up to the shelter staff quite a bit and they’ve learned I love to be held like a little baby! I’m now comfortable and don’t hide but I do still love to lounge up above. I’m going to need a quiet home with places for me to hide, preferably high up so I can still keep an eye on what’s going on! I would like to be adopted with one of my siblings, Ham, Chicken or Pastrami. 


I have been diagnosed with having focal seizures, it is being managed with medication and things are feeling a lot better for me! It will be something my future family needs to keep in mind. The medication costs about $50 a month. 


Likes: wet food, staring out the window

Dislikes: being pet before sniffing your hands

Cats: I should be okay with them, I lived with my 9 siblings!

Dogs: not tested but not likely 

Kids: quiet, older ones maybe

Potty trained: yes


If you adopt me and a sibling, our adoption fee (for the two of us!) would be $375. 


When adopting, the fee you pay gets you an animal that is vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and spayed or neutered. If they are not of age to have been spayed or neutered, a purchase order is sent to the vet that covers a large portion of their surgery.


If you’re interested in adopting this animal please stop by or call the shelter at (867) 633-6019. At that point, we can fill out our questionnaire and we can talk about adoption!


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3 years old